•To be eligible to apply for the Cashback Reward you must have purchased a product from the GAIA or GAIA-TITAN series from an authorised Australian IsoAcoustics retailer during the promotional period. Cash back offer starts 1 March and ends 30 April 2020.


•The Cashback Rewards are as follows: GAIA 1= $200, GAIA 2 = $100, GAIA 3 = $50 (per pack of 4). GAIA-TITAN Cronos = $500, Rhea = $350 and Theis = $250 (per pack of 4).


••The participant must register for their Cahsback Reward on the promotional website( within thirty (30) days of their purchase. All claims to be submitted by 31st May 2020 – no claims will be processed after this date. A participant may only claim for, and will only receive, one (1) Cashback Reward for each (eligible GAIA series pack of 4 as listed above). Once the application for the Cashback Reward has been received please allow up to thirty (30) days to receive the nominated cash directly into your bank account. All registrations will require name, address,contact number, email, place of purchase, copy of the invoice, model purchased and account details.